Nathanael Garrett Novosel, October 20 2021

The Purpose of The Meaning of Life Blog

The Meaning of Life Blog has a clear mission:

To help individuals understand the primary drivers of humans' sense of meaning in life so that they can foster a greater sense of purpose in their own lives.

Why is this so important, and what is different about how I help people with meaning and purpose compared to people who have been writing or speaking on this topic for thousands of years?

Well, it's important to note that the majority of advice is based on debatable premises.  Here are a few that had particularly bothered me in my decades of research on this topic:

So where did we land?  Goals are subjective, ethics evolve, and the origin of life might not affect how you should live what's left?  How life works.  How life works can be tested via science and is, therefore, generally provable.  A science-based philosophy has been tried before in humanist and atheist philosophies, but they often start almost on a counter-premise to religions in that the person is at the center of them and they kind of do the same thing by prescribing an origin of life (e.g., "Big Bang" plus the "primordial soup"), a goal in life (e.g., "better humanity"), and ethics (e.g., harm-based ethics).  I didn't want to corrupt my explanation of how the world and life work with my personal beliefs nor try to explain everything when covering the meaning of life...I just wanted to explain how a person finds meaning in their lives.  With that goal, The Meaning of Life was written and this blog started around the time of its publication.

So if you eliminate the above problems (i.e., no injecting one's goals or ethics into their recommendations), what do you have left?  Well, the book covers the following eight drivers of humans' sense of meaning and purpose in life, which have been cited by scientific studies, philosophers, and famous leaders alike as being essential components in one's search:

It's those eight concepts on which The Meaning of Life Blog is based.  I won't tell you what to do; I won't tell you what goal to have; I won't tell you how life began and use it to justify why you should live a certain way.  I just have the answers to the factors that drive your sense of meaning and purpose in life.  You have to grow.  You have to have growth-enabling experiences.  You have to be pursuing something better.  You have to believe in your ability to succeed.  You have to feel a sense of fulfillment that comes from growing and thriving.  You have to behave in ways that make you feel good about yourself.  You have to help others and get help.  You have to make the choice to find meaning in what you're doing (among other choices).

That I know for sure...and all of those have been proven to be critical to people finding meaning in life through countless studies.  They are also the backbone of pretty much every philosophy that has ever existed, as if you have a philosophy, you have to have an opinion on these eight things since they determine whether someone will find their lives to be meaningful.

So I will keep writing about different ideas in life, different events, and different questions that people run into...but all you need to understand to inject your life with more meaning and purpose are these eight things.  I wish you the best of luck incorporating your understanding of these concepts into your life, and I'll keep writing the blog as I see more misunderstandings or misapplications of these ideas in the real world to help guide people on the right path to finding meaning and purpose in their lives.  I hope I've helped in some way as you seek to continue making your life and the lives of the people you care about better, as that is the reason that I write.  Best of luck to you, and I guarantee you that if you sharpen your ability to hone these eight areas in your life, you'll find meaning and purpose.

Note: For those of you coming directly from a search for "meaning of life blog", "the meaning of life blog", "the meaning of", or "" (which are top searches that lead to this post), please feel free to check out the rest of the site for more answers, for information on the book, or for an assessment to check your current sense of purpose in life.  Welcome, and I hope this guidance helps you because science, philosophy, and religion all support these eight drivers of meaning and purpose—and they can change your life.

Written by

Nathanael Garrett Novosel


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