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Each One of Us Is Here for a Reason

Let Me Help You Find It

If you are here, you have asked the same question that I have: "What is the meaning of life?" More importantly, "What is the meaning of my life?" It's a fascinating question that actually does have an answer—one that underlies everyone's life journey, and one that applies uniquely to you.

There are many problems with past attempts to answer the question for the human race. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for you. Additionally, many recommendations for life involve an ideology, a dogma, or a self-serving agenda to recruit others to the advisor's way of thinking. Most difficult is the ability to separate a person's opinion on how life began or what ethics you should hold from how you can find meaning and purpose in your life.

Well, I've studied psychology, behavioral economics, philosophy, and business for over 20 years trying to understand how life works and how to find the best way to approach it without running into the above issues. Through my research, I identified a systematic approach to finding meaning in life that is supported by science, compatible with (and respectful of) all religious beliefs, and is able to help you figure out your purpose on your own without me asserting my opinion of how the universe began, which ethics to hold, or which ideology is correct. If you wish to put forth the effort to understand how life works, why it does, and how you can use that information to create the optimal life path for yourself, you have come to the right place.

I will give you one word of caution: it does require effort on your part to find your meaning. Most people who read self-help/motivational books are looking for inspiration and feel-good stories. There are plenty of books for that, so you won't find that here. The information in The Meaning of Life: A guide to your life's purpose provides deep education on how life works and then questions and exercises to make you think about how these concepts apply to you so you can figure out the purpose of your life. If you're not ready to think hard about the world and your life, you don't have to buy and read the book.

If you're still curious, feel free to browse the site. There are many free downloads, videos, and an introduction to the book to explain to you exactly what you need to know to figure yourself and this world out. There is no advertising, no special super-secret answer that I only tell at seminars, no Patreon, and no "urgency drivers" to buy now. There are just eight concepts that drive your sense of meaning in life and a book that gives you the whole story of how they work so that you can find your own meaning.

Best of luck on your journey,

Nathanael Garrett Novosel
Author, The Meaning of Life

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"Reading this book feels like you are peeking into the mind of an Einstein or John Nash. Beautifully simple and amazingly deep. I'd highly recommend it!"

–Jeremy Ramsey
(ARC Review)


“Life is growth.  If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.”

— Morihei Ueshiba