Free Resources


Meaning Assessment

Download a printable version of the assessment form if you bought the Kindle version or don't want to mark up your book.

Meaning Collage Template

Complete the Creative Exercises in the Desire through Choice chapters using this collage template.

Purpose Pledge

Commit yourself to striving for meaning this year by signing a Purpose Pledge.

Life Résumé Template

Help crystalize your objectives in life, the experiences you want or need to get to achieve those objectives, and other aspects of the road to success in your Life Résumé.

Life Strategy Template

Complete this presentation to both define your goals, initiatives, timelines, and success measures for your life and make a motivational case to yourself to execute against your plan.

Writing Exercise Template

This spreadsheet contains a template for you to be able to complete the writing exercises from The Meaning of Life.  It helps you through the process of identifying growth areas that are of interest to you, defining success in those areas, and mapping out the necessary components to achieve your goals.