Nathanael Garrett Novosel, November 4 2020

The Growth-Centric View of Meaning Is Everywhere in Our Language

It's the world's biggest secret that's hidden in plain sight: life is about growth, and everyone intuitively knows this.  The source of the leak?  Language.  Our idioms, expressions, platitudes, sayings, and questions.  We guide the younger generation to realize their potential, and we help rising leaders develop the skills and abilities they need to guide their organizations.  Here are some of the top examples of popular sayings that indicate our intuitive understanding of what life is really about:

These clichés show that growth is at the heart of meaning and appears frequently throughout our language.  Our life is a journey, we move on or carry on from setbacks or adversity, and we set a direction for us to work toward and adjust that direction as we achieve greater and greater goals.  We aren't just looking out for ourselves, however, as we ensure the growth of the people around us, too.  The next time you help a child or a new co-worker, remember that everyone is seeking to grow and thrive.  Be the best person you can be, and help others see their potential.  Through that continuous effort, you'll have meaning and help foster meaning in others.

Written by

Nathanael Garrett Novosel


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