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5 Pieces of Evidence Suggesting a Growth-Centric View of Meaning

Nathanael Garrett Novosel, August 26 2020

The growth-centric view of meaning is a relatively new model that has come after years of focusing on ethics, utility, or happiness in philosophy, economics, and psychology (respectively).  However, there have been hints of this view for centuries in science and business but had not been seriously considered because of the natural "Why?  To what en...

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Dare to Be Mediocre

Nathanael Garrett Novosel, June 10 2020

"Be the best."  You hear it all the time.  Constantly striving to be the best in anything that you do.  But that's not realistic in a broad sense: you can't be the world's greatest chef, baseball player, parent, video game player, driver, singer, and dancer.  Quite the contrary, you are constantly balancing everything you do—getting better in one a...

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