Nathanael Garrett Novosel, October 26 2022

How You Can Choose to Be Happy

“Happiness is a choice.” If you’ve ever listened to a self-help guru or optimistic person, you’ll have heard this statement. Many respond with, “Easy for you to say…you have ______. If I had that, I’d be happy, too,” or its opposite, “But you don’t have _______. If you had that, you wouldn’t be happy, either.” To many, happiness seems to be a matter of circumstances and people are simply happy or not based on those circumstances.

But that’s just not true—at least, not to the extent that pessimists are insinuating. There are, in fact, many ways to choose happiness. The question that most people have when they hear this, though, is “How?”—more precisely, “How can I choose happiness when [insert terrible situation here]?” Well, this post is going to be providing a list of exactly that: how to choose happiness. One note of warning: this might not be the list you want, but it’s definitely the list you need.

So there you have it: a list of things you can do today to put happiness within your control instead of leaving it to forces outside of yourself. Choose to focus on things and people that make you happy, and you’ll be happier. Choose happiness, and you’ll focus more of your attention on the things and people that make you happy. It’s that simple. There’s a reason why depressed people stay in bed: to avoid everything. There’s a reason why happy people find other happy people and make other people happy: because that’s what they are attracted to, attract, and create.

Be happy. Choose happiness. Make your life one that makes you happy.

Written by

Nathanael Garrett Novosel


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