Nathanael Garrett Novosel, January 3 2024

7 Techniques to Figure Out What You Want

There are many books on how to go after what you want in life. From specific step-by-step instructions in the how-to guides to more universal recommendations in philosophy, religious, and self-help texts, advice for how to get everything you want in life abound.

However, texts on how to figure out what you want in life are less common. There are books for what career you should go into like What Color Is Your Parachute? and relationship books for what you should want in a partner, but universal guidance for just picking something to do with your life is few and far between because the more general you get, the more vague it is. After all, can you really give universal advice that will help someone live a life full of drive and ambition toward major life goals?

Well, in this post, we’re going to try. We’re going to go through a list of techniques you can use to begin to find things you want to do with your life:

So, if you’ve asked yourself, “What I want in life?” at any point in your life, you now have a list of techniques to get to an answer. There are plenty more, but these are powerful examples of how to break through uncertainty and address problems with your beliefs, point of view, or knowledge that might be preventing you from having the drive and passion that you wish you had in life. Try them for yourself and see what you come up with. If you keep spinning your wheels or give up, you won’t get anywhere.

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Nathanael Garrett Novosel


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